Welcome to the SiLCK network

SiLCK is an informatic framework for use in the
rehabilitation of patients with neurological
disease, such as stroke.  It is being developed with two broad aims:

  1. To strengthen conventional therapies, by encouraging us to explore the clinical
    observations and interpretations which we make when planning our patients'
    rehabilitation programmes.
  2. To make complex rehabilitation devices (such as robotic systems) more accessible to clinicians, by showing how clinical
    observations of a patient might be
    automatically translated into device

Although the framework is purely conceptual, it has been designed with a view to
implementation by artificial intelligence
techniques.  SiLCK thereby provides a
template for clinically-oriented software
products, such as SiLCK CLinic.

SILCK comprises a generic framework, plus extensions for specific therapeutic interventions.  To date, a framework extension has been developed for robotically-assisted exercise therapy; this is the basis for iPAM. Future extensions might apply to other device-based modalities, such as 
functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems. A “non-device” extension could also be envisaged for decision support in planning conventional therapeutic interventions, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medications.

Who are we?

The framework has been developed as an academic collaboration between several partners.